My name is Ifenna Okeke, and I'm a storyteller with a camera.

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I love bringing ideas to life through vibrant and elegant images.


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As your creative partner, my goal is to provide a comprehensive experience.


(Product launch, e-commerce, Advertising Campaigns, Catalogs, Small Business Ads etc.)

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(Personal Use, Professional Image refresh)

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What you get:

  • Pre-production consultation
  • Gallery selection
  • 12 Color corrected images
  • 8 Retouched images
  • Add-ons available


(Authentic and engaging images to highlight the essence of your brand or project)

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What you get:

  • Pre-production consultation
  • Posing and style guide
  • Art Direction
  • Team building assistance
  • 15 Color corrected images
  • 10 Retouched Images
  • Add-ons available

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I'm Ifenna Okeke, a commercial & editorial photographer based in Toronto who's passionate about crafting visual narratives from images that explore ambiguity and deep emotions. My passion for storytelling has led me to work alongside fashion & jewelry designers, ad agencies, and small business owners to create vibrant, elegant and captivating visual art.

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